Literature & Resources

R404A Refrigerant Line Sizing- R404A Refrigerant suction, discharge and liquid line sizing guide. (PDF File 91 KB)

Glycol Pipe Sizing Guide- Use this excel file to help guide you in proper pipe sizing. (XLS File 21 KB)

Winery Chiller Systems, A Do It Yourself Guide- An article covering basic tips for Winery Chiller Systems- for those that do not have a strong understanding of refrigeration. (PDF File 123 KB)

Troubleshooting 101- From Freeze Alarms to Thermostat Failures, this article will help you prevent, diagnose, and even repair your Chiller System. Also tips for finding the right service technician for your equipment. (PDF File 290 KB)

Brewery Load Survey Form- Please fill out the attached form as complete as possible.

Brewery Chiller Evolution- A 20 year look at the development of the brewery chiller system. (PDF File 245 KB)

Brewery Refrigeration 101- This Article covers the very basic theory and principles of refrigeration and applies them to a brewery application. Much of the information contained in this article is from our Basic Refrigeration Course that we offer several times per year at our facility. (PDF File 238 KB)

Brewery Glycol Guide- Everything you wanted to know about propylene glycol. This article covers the basics of glycol piping systems, correct glycol operating percentages, suppliers, and much more. (PDF File 196 KB)

Classic Chiller Series- Modular Chiller Design without the Storage Tank and Process Pump. (PDF File 232 KB)

CR110 Refrigeration Controller- Our new Microprocessor based controller. This controller is an available adder to most of our Systems 15 HP and larger. (PDF File 377 KB)

Proformerô Line Card- Illustrating the Proformerô Refrigeration Equipment Product Line. (PDF File 342 KB)

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