Microprocessor Controller

The CR110 is an advanced microprocessor driven refrigeration controller. This is a Controller designed to provide optimum system efficiency, superior compressor and system protection, and advanced monitoring and control capabilities. The Heart of the CR110 is real time system analysis coupled with the ability to respond to dynamic changes in the load and ambient conditions.

  • Temperature Control— Utilizing a PID Loop sensing Chilled Water Supply and Return Temperature
  • Compressor Control— Fully Redundant enabling 100% Back Up
  • Condenser Control— Utilizing a 4-20ma signal to deliver the most efficient operation during Low and High Ambient Conditions
  • Evaporator Control– Low Pressure Freeze Protection and Liquid Line Solenoid Control
  • Centrifugal Pump Control— Cycles Pumps off during Low Load Situations
  • User Interface— Panel Mount or Portable Handheld Models Available.


TS-110 -Touchscreen Interface


Remote Chiller Access

Ask your PRO Refrigeration sales representative about PRO’s Remote Chiller Access Package. Easily and securely access your PRO Chiller system from anywhere and with any web capable device. Change chiller parameters, download historical data, and setup email or text message alarms while on the go.

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